It's good to be back 🖐 — Edition No. 1

I stopped writing for a while, due to moving countries. Together with my wife, we moved from Germany back to my home country, Croatia.

It was a long process for various reasons, but we’re finally settled.

I missed writing, and I’m happy to finally have the time to start writing again.

A few updates before we get back onto design topics…

Since I was away for a while, I wanted to share a few personal life events with you. Don’t let the photos fool you though. Even though the last two years have been challenging, that shouldn’t stop us from celebrating all the good stuff in life.

Just married

Starting with the biggest milestone this year — I got married to my beautiful wife! 👰🏻‍♀️🤵

It all happened during the peak of COVID times, in Berlin. Wasn’t easy to pull it off, but we did it!


Straight onto the next one… We got ourselves a doggo 😄

Meet Milo. A three months old crying baby. Day by day, he is becoming more bearable! 😜

Who knows, you might see him again as a surprise guest in future newsletters.

Back on topic

I’ve finally managed to refresh my portfolio website. It was a long time coming. After transitioning from an engineer to product design, I needed a place online that I could call home.

You can have a look here. Let me know what you think!


Just a day ago, I’ve decided to go against all the odds and join dribbble. I’d love to follow you guys over there and leave a few hearts. Let’s connect?


Last but not least, I started offering 1 on 1 mentoring to designers of all levels. As a thank you, I’m giving 30% off to all my subscribers (‘30UXTHINGS’, valid until 15/09/2021).

Mentoring ranges from an in-depth portfolio or work review, learning basics of code all the way to 1 on 1 pair designing sessions with me.

Details and booking are available here. There’s even a video of me saying hi! 🤳

Quote of the day

For coming this far, I'll reward you with this lovely quote.

“The honest way to critique is to create the alternative.”

— Naval

If you enjoy reading, share it with a friend or two if you feel like it.

🧡 Leaving a heart helps UX Things grow.

Wishing you a great and productive rest of the week,